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The Green Knights are a Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) that was formed back in late 1999 and formally recognized in early 2000 at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. It was the idea of Adam Buehler to organize base motorcyclists for activities and to bring awareness to them. With the aid of the base MSF instructor, Jeff Richards they were about to organize and create a club where riders can get together, discuss issues of the base, fight for biker rights, help each other, participate in charity events, and enjoy going on rides. Most of all, enjoy their bikes and share a common interest.

After gathering up a handful of riders from the base, they were able to form the first chapter of the Green Knights at McGuire AFB, NJ. It was a start of a slowly growing trend that has erupted into not just the Air Force but across the entire military. Our by-laws, policies, and mentor-ship outlines have become the basis of the Air Force's current policy to have a motorcycle club on every base. As of June 2014 there are about 120 chapters internationally. This is a club for the base populace and their dependents. Members range from active duty personnel to retirees, dependents to DoD civilians. Members are just asked to ride safe and have fun.

The Green Knights work hand and hand with the Base Safety Office and Security Forces to help riders retain their rights and still follow the regulations of the hosting base. The Green Knights stand for SAFETY. We strive to keep updated on Department Of Defense, Department Of Transportation, and local changes to traffic regulations. The Executive Board also disseminates these changes to non-club members. We fight for motorcyclists rights on base and off, to let people know we're out there (lots of us).

The Green Knights do not discriminate against any type of motorcycle or scooter. We are always looking for new members. If you are a active, reserve, guard, or retired military, DoD civilian, or a military contractor motorcycle rider and would like to learn more about joining the Green Knights.

As of June 2014 there are 8 chapters based in Texas (Abilene, Del Rio, Houston(x2), Killeen, San Angelo, San Antonio, and Witchita Falls). The leadership of these Texas chapters have already begun working together to unite these chapters in attempts to have joint events that can be enjoyed by all. Please check back at regular intervals to see if any new joint chapter events are in the planning stages. Contact the your base group via links to the left or through this webmaster by e-mail at: Webmaster