Game Ideas for Motor Skills Enhancing

kid and bike

In preschool age, the child needs a lot of physical activity. At the age of three to five years, children experience motor skills, learn to fully use all muscle groups and master such complex movements as running, jumping, throwing, catching objects and punches and kicks. In addition, during this period they train fine motor skills.


  • DANCE. You can dance at home. Let the child move to his favorite songs, repeating the words.
  • WALKS. For a change add walking on the hills and stairs, a little run and jumps. During a quiet walk, read the objects encountered along the road and tell the child interesting stories.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF COORDINATION OF MOVEMENT. Invite your baby to walk along the rope lying on the floor. Help him walk along the trunk of a fallen tree or shells on the sports ground.
  • IMITATION OF MOVEMENT. Children improve motor skills when they need bodies to simulate moving animals or fairy-tale characters. Invite your child to depict a waddling gait of a duck or mechanical movements of a robot. You can play “horses” or “fly” like an airplane.
  • OVERCOMING OBSTACLES. Upholstered furniture, boxes and other safe items for children. Play with him in intelligence or traveler. With older children, you can overcome natural obstacles while walking.
  • TRAINING HANDS. Invite the kid to throw and catch large and small objects: balls, soft toys. They can sit and stand on the go.


  • Riding a four-wheeler. Riding a tricycle or an “adult”, two-wheeled, bicycle is an excellent opportunity to develop coordination of the moving in active sports, as well as the interaction of the visual and motor systems of the body. The child can only be in the park or in the yard – as far from the cars as possible.
  • Ball. Young children catch and throw the ball quite awkwardly. It takes several years to perfect the coordinated work of vision and movement. However, even clumsy games can be fun. Start throwing balls, then gradually move away. Make sure that the ball is not on the roadway and use balls of different sizes.
  • Football. Play real football with the baby will not work. You can learn how to move the ball with his feet. To make the game interesting, use natural obstacles.
  • Soap bubbles. This unpretentious entertainment is a set of skills necessary for preschool education: you need quick breathing, facial expressions, and hand movements. Start small: hold the bubble ring or tube while the child inflates them. You can offer your child to catch joyful bubbles, just make sure that they are flying not in the direction of roads, fences and other dangerous phenomena.
  • Playing with a hoop. In total, the child will not be able to twist the hula-hoop. But with a hoop, you can arrange a fun game. Invite the child to ride in front of him, hold the hoop while the baby crawls into it. You can play ball to play ball.
  • Game with a skipping rope. A child under the age of five to six is ​​unlikely to be able to jump rope. But why not give it a try? Start with the basics. Children love to jump over cracks in sidewalks, stones, and puddles on the road. They also like to jump on one leg. To start playing, ask your baby to jump over. She did not stumble or fall. First of all, so that the child first steps over it, and then jumps over.
  • Teach your child to swing. One-year-olds also like this entertainment, but rocking on their own is difficult. Explain to your child how you need to move outdoors. Do not forget to explain to the baby that the swing is quite dangerous. So that he can come only from the side.

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