Riding a Bike vs Riding a Horse

man riding bike and horse

No doubts, both riding a bike and a horse are spellbinding. These activities have something in common as well as differences, so let’s take a look at the main benefits when you ride a bike and a horse.

Here’s are the advantages of a motorcycle:

  • The motorcycle is faster. If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, then a motorcycle is a better choice for consideration.
  • The bike provides a smooth speed. The horse listens to the rider when to move, so fist you need to be aware of controlling your companion. It may take some time to get used to riding a horse.
  • The bike has a lower design, so it’s easier to get on and off. Especially if you’re short, you don’t need extra support to hop on a classic horse saddle.
  • The motorcycle moves exactly in a given direction. A horse has its own mind, it may start nibbling grass or sniffing another horse. And of course, it will happen at the very moment when this is definitely not a part of your plans.
  • The motorcycle can be upgraded to the owner’s taste. It can be repainted; the mirrors or muffler can be replaced.
  • When it comes to riding together, it is more convenient to ride a motorcycle with your partner.

However, riding a horse also has great perks:

  • The horse is a living creature. A motorcycle can’t be satisfied with gas loaded at a station as a horse, which is happy about a carrot after a trip. And you can also communicate with your companion, and he will certainly understand you.
  • You don’t need so much awkward protective gear to ride a horse. Having said that, don’t forget to wear safety apparel every time you ride.
  • The horse has better flotation (full 4WD).
  • The horse is more “environmentally friendly”.
  • The horse can be harnessed to a cart, so you’re able to transfer more passengers at the same time. Or your companion may help you to carry your stuff with no probs.
  • The horse is safer – your mom / wife is more unlikely to mind riding a horse.

Nevertheless, both of these activities are awesome, and it’s definitely worth trying them all.

Should I Buy a Horse?

There are people who are passionate about horses since childhood. In fact, these are little girls who first saw a horse at the park. They start begging their parents to take a ride, and they make the first crucial mistake – they put their child on a horse. Soon after, that girl has just one single request: “I want a horse!”.

Sometimes it happens when the obsession with horses begins in adulthood. For instance, after a successful horse trail riding, or someone decided it’s high time to finally make their childhood dream come true. Perhaps, a person didn’t even think about horses before, but they saw a message asking for help: to save from slaughter.

An adult may find it both challenging and easy to enter the equestrian world. On the one hand, it is more difficult for them to learn how to sit in the saddle properly. As over the years, stiffness appears, caused by fear for their life. Health and strength conditions are not the same, the body is not so flexible anymore. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that in this case, one can’t achieve success in horseriding sports. Moreover, such people become excellent horse owners who keep horses not for any purpose, but simply for pleasure. They often keep and take care of elderly or sick horses.

Why Do I Need a Horse?

Why people buy their own horses instead of leasing? The answer is to get closer to the horse, to bond with nature, and enjoy the ride.

If you are sport-oriented or just want to improve your horse riding skills, and perhaps you’re going to occasionally participate in amateur competitions, then it’s better to get into sport stable and work out with a trainer. It’s very important to find the perfect coach you will be comfortable with, who won’t spoil either you or the horse.

Someone prefers to work with the horse on their own. But keep in mind that you’re responsible for another’s life of another being.

Bottom Line

Riding a bike and riding a horse are marvelous ways to spend your time outdoors. Both of them have their advantages for sure. If you haven’t ridden a horse before, you should be well-prepared before you decide to get in a saddle. But once you obtain the riding skills, you won’t regret it.

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