First look at the Rite Farm Products Pro Plucker

Rite Farm Products Pro Plucker

We have bought the Extra Large Rite Farm Products Pro Plucker by CoopsNMore. We want to talk first about the overall construction of the unit. Then we’ll talk about how it worked for us in terms of plucking the birds.

The Extra Large Pro Plucker: inside and outside

So it’s obviously made of polished stainless steel. It is pretty heavy duty construction. I would say for the price point that they didn’t put a lot of their manufacturing effort into a high end fit and finish. It’s a little bit rougher. There may be scratches and slight imperfections and dense. And I think that some of that is how they keep the price down for what is an otherwise pretty heavy duty piece of equipment.

But the interior the Extra Large Plucker is a pretty decent size inside, a little over about a foot till you hit the edges of these rubber fingers on the walls. And then on the turntable itself.

You look on the side, it does have a weatherproof on and off switch, which is helpful when you are spraying water all over inside and sometimes on the outside of the unit.

This does come with casters on the front and back. The back casters are fixed, the front casters are mobile, but these are not locking casters. We ended up solving that problem by just taking a piece of wood, cutting it out in a rectangle is setting it down to keep the unit from moving as much.

Does have this discharge chute, which it’s easy enough to put some kind of a container in front of it. We used a concrete mixing bin on ours to catch the feathers as they came off – that had holes drilled in the bottom of it.

Looking to the underside of the plucker. It is a very heavily made all steel, a very heavy cast iron wheel, double pulleys coming off of what is a pretty industrial motor. It has a 3 horsepower motor.

Chicken Plucking is simple as One-Two-Three

The most important part of course is how well it plucks chickens. We raised out Cornish crosses. They averaged processed wait between six and eight pounds. So these were pretty large birds that we put into it.

    • And we put in one bird. I will say that it was perhaps the unit is too heavy duty and large for processing one bird at a time. It seemed to throw it around. It just felt like it was throwing it around too quickly and that there was too much space inside of this extra large plucker.
    • Two birds seem to be the ideal inside this unit that they didn’t turn too quickly. It didn’t damage any of the birds when we put two at a time.
    • With three birds, especially birds as large as the ones we put in here. Certainly, they fit, but some challenges have happened. One is that the motor is slowed a bit. It’s still plucked the birds, but the motor was having to work a little bit more to turn those three large birds inside this space. The other issue we found is that when we tried several times with three different birds is that we got one bird each time is located at wing. So for retail purposes, selling birds that’s not an ideal thing. The only other issue that we had running three birds inside of this unit was simply the amount of feathers being pulled off so quickly.

    Some issues

    If you look inside the space between the turntable in the wall you will see that it is very small and you don’t want birds and any part of the bird’s body or legs getting stuck in there. But the challenge is with these smaller fingers down at the bottom and these fingers coming up that we did find that when you had three chickens inside here at the same time throwing so many feathers that if you weren’t very careful of spraying a jet of water into that seam, it could get hung up. And of course, what you would get is that the motor was turning but the belts would start to slip because it was getting stuck. So you had to be very conscious with three birds, not just to mist or sort of spray a mist of water in here, but actually to take a jet of water around the edges and make sure you were pushing the feathers through. If we did that, even with three birds, there were no issues with it turning them and plucking them completely.

    Final Thoughts

    This plucker plucked those birds with the exception, perhaps of some tail feathers that were easily removed by hand. It removed almost the entirety of the feathers on those birds in a matter of seconds. We had of 24 birds. We had a few feathers that we had to remove by hand. So overall we are extremely happy with this plucker!

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