5 Easy Tricks For Keeping Your Home in Order

chopping boards near oven

If the order in your house is an unattainable dream for you, realize these simple tricks that will allow you to get rid of the mess and make your home more comfortable, and life – easier.

1. Everything should have its own place

Frequently used things should be placed where they are used, and access to them has to be as trouble-free as possible. Most often things get piled up on tables, cabinets, and shelves precisely because they don’t have their spot or because putting them back in place requires too much effort.

2. The Detective game

Occasionally check your home for ‘hot spots’ and investigate why there is a lot of stuff accumulating there. For example, you constantly pile up the dishes in the sink. Perhaps you think this is because kids refuse to help you. In fact, it may turn out that all family members hate washing up because every time you need to open the cupboard and remove the plastic containers in it because if you don’t do it, the water will drip directly on them. Once you understand what the problem is, you can easily find a solution to it.

3. Don’t buy storage boxes until you know why you need them

The victims of the mess often think that if they buy these wonderful storage containers, their mess will magically disappear immediately. However, starting to organize a house is not necessary with a shopping spree. Only after you take the garbage out and determine the amount of each group of things and the place of their storage, you can go for suitable boxes, drawers, and racks.

4. Avoid duplicates

Why do you need three identical graters if one is enough? Why do you need six combs and 10 coffee mugs? Getting rid of duplicates is one of the easiest ways to prevent blockages and maintain order in the house. Before you buy something new, get rid of the old ones. Before buying a new LCD TV, think about where you will get the old one.

5. Stick to the schedule

Some rooms, such as the kitchen, need daily cleaning. Other tasks can be performed weekly or monthly. When it comes to cleaning, for example, a linen closet, take a systematic approach. Collect all the things in one place and sort them into two parts: those that are needed constantly and those that you don’t use. Be patient, cluttering is not a quick process. If you expect to get everything done in two hours, be ready to spend four.

Bonus tip: Look for simple mess control solutions

It’s a common thing, that it’s quite possible you could find the simplest way out to slave the most ‘stubborn’ mess. A basic keykeeper on the wall will save you from the constant searching for keys. A trash bin at the working place will enable you not to spend half a day picking up pieces of paper and candy wrappers from your desk.

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