What is Chalk Paint?

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If you’re a fan of DIY, painting, or contemporary farmhouse design, then you have actually most likely heard the term chalk paint. But what is chalk paint exactly and when should you use it? We have the answers. An ornamental paint understood for its matte, milky appearance, chalk paint is a popular option for giving furniture and house decor a rustic, classic, or shabby-chic style. Due to the fact that it can quickly be provided a distressed appearance, chalk paint is ideal for those who wish to include character and vintage charm to their home. All set to offer your dresser, chairs, or baby’s room vanity the chalk-paint treatment? Here’s whatever you need to understand.

What Is Chalk Paint?

Even if you know what chalk paint appears like, you may not understand exactly what it is. Originally developed by the popular paint brand Annie Sloan, official chalk paint is technically a signed up trademark of the business, although there are now a lot of copycats on the market and numerous directions online for making DIY variations. Not to be puzzled with blackboard paint, which develops a surface area that can be written on with chalk, this specialized paint lends a milky look and feel to surfaces. All the necessary info is prepared in chalk paint reviews at BestToolExpert.com.

Frequently, as soon as chalk paint is dried, DIYers include waxes and surfaces to the surface to seal it and to produce patina and provide it a vintage-inspired feel. Relying on if you paint a product a strong color or add a classic finish, chalk paint can work with a range of plastic models and home decoration designs, from minimalist, to bohemian, to a farmhouse.

How Is Chalk Paint Different From Other Paints?

Besides its matte surface, chalk paint varies from traditional paint in several other ways. Among the advantages is that it does not require any prep work– it can paint right over a lot of tidy, dry surfaces (except for metal or glossy laminate), even if they’re currently painted. For this factor, DIYers enjoy using chalk paint on classic pieces that have fractures or great deals of details, since the paint goes on efficiently, even over layers of paint. Plus, because of its consistency, chalk paint is less most likely to drip than routine paint. Chalk paint is water-based, so you can clean your brushes with soap and water instead of needing to utilize mineral spirits.

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How to Utilize Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is usually used to give pieces of furniture a matte appearance, however, it can likewise be utilized to paint a whole wall if you truly like the effect. It has the power to turn a bedroom cabinet into a standout piece or provides a dining room table old-school beauty. The best part: when painting a piece of furniture, you do not have to stress over removing previous layers of paint initially.

However, if you want an extremely smooth look, you may want to sand the piece lightly initially and clean it down with a wet fabric before brushing on the chalk paint. This kind of paint is understood for being relatively thick and opaque, so depending upon what color the cabinet or chair was to start, you may have the ability to get away with a single coat of paint. If not, two coats will suffice.

Where to Purchase Chalk Paint

If you want to buy official chalk paint, Annie Sloan is the only place to get it. Nevertheless, there are numerous imitators out there that make “milky paint” or “chalked paint” for a comparable surface.

Annie Sloan: The original developer of chalk paint, this is your go-to source for paints, waxes, tools, and brushes.

Home Depot: A number of brands offered at the Home Depot make their own variation of chalk paint. Try to find Rust-Oleum’s Chalked line and Behr’s

Chalk collection

Magnolia House: Chalk paint is a common function of Joanna Gaines’s farmhouse style, so it’s not a surprise that Magnolia House now sells chalk-style paint in a range of beautiful, advanced hues.

Lowe’s: Valspar, available at Lowe’s, sells its own version of chalk paint, consisting of a tintable alternative that can be made in 40 different colors.

Chalk Paint vs Latex Paint on Furnishings

Chalk paint has taken the painting world by storm for the last few years. It is all the rage to utilize chalk paint, nevertheless for decades latex paint has been the go-to paint. Which one will be more long lasting, and offer you the appearance you want? If you are disputing whether to use chalk paint or regular latex paint, here are some highlights of the advantages and disadvantages of both to assist you decide.

Chalk paint is essentially a self guide that adheres well to a lot of surfaces. You do not have to stress over the additional expense of buying primer and you save time skipping that step.

Latex paint, on the other hand, requires a primer as a very first coat in order to adhere well to the majority of surface areas.

Chalk paint has to do with as durable as latex paint. They are both water-based, so they will both respond roughly the same to water stains, spills, nicks, etc.

However, the surface coat is what protects your furnishings.

After you use chalk paint, you will need to seal the surface with wax. The wax is really basic to use and protects your piece simply as well, if not more than a clear finish, you would use to latex. The wax surface will be a little bit more pricey than the latex clear coat, however will normally last longer.

If you are choosing a distressed look or antiqued finish, chalk paint works really well for that. It is perfect for a farmhouse or cottage design room. You can distress with latex too, however chalk paint has a matte surface that is just a bit more favorable to producing the aged appearance. If you want a modern streamlined look opt for latex. The surface is shinier and it has a smoother appear like this white cabinet.

Chalk paint utilized to be a difficult product to find, today it cost every hardware shop, and even Walmart offers it. It is more costly than latex by the quart, nevertheless chalk paint requires less paint, due to its opaqueness. To conserve cash on chalk paint read this short article: Do It Yourself Furniture Paint Recipe. There are entire example books filled with colors latex paint comes in, chalk paint, on the other hand, can be found in about a lots choices. If you have actually never ever utilized chalk paint, start on something small such as a side table, or a shelf. See if you take pleasure in the look and process before tackling your kitchen cabinets or table.

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