What to Add to Your White Interior: Design Tricks

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We all know that a completely white interior can inspire not only a romantic mood but also longing. After all, monotony is not always good. And it would be nice to dilute this same monotony with something. By the way, the options for this are just the sea. There are bright pillows, and dark curtains, and a slightly noticeable blue coffee table. All these are favorite options for the decor of a white interior. But let’s not push ourselves into the framework and see what else can make your interior more magnificent and attractive.

Wooden interest

The combination of white with wood inlays for the decoration of walls or floors, as well as with wooden furniture, can give your interior environmental friendliness. And the tree is not so easily soiled. So you have to clean less often. And to bring such a design decision to life is so simple that there’s nothing to talk about.

Add a bit of yellow

The yellow color this summer generally breaks all records of popularity. It is everywhere: in clothes, accessories and, of course, in the interior. By acquiring yellow furniture (all shades are suitable: from bright lime to languid mustard), you can easily solve the question of accent in a white interior. By the way, the yellow kitchen is something incredible. In such a kitchen is not something to cook, you want to live in it! Well, you can also confine yourself to decorative elements: put a large vase in the corner of a snow-white living room or scatter pillows all over the sofa. You decide!

How about painting?

Pictures have always been considered the best decorative and aesthetic tools for any room. But if in a motley interior such an object of art can be lost, then on a snow-white wall, surrounded by white furniture, a bright canvas will create an accent and give the room vitality and mood. And most importantly, it does not have to be an expensive painting by a famous artist. You may well get something from free talents, order on the Internet, or even draw on your own which interior design you want.

Masonry for all occasions

Wall decoration in a white interior is a classic technique that is used by designers from around the world to arrange a comfy home office. Typically, in such cases, use brick, stone or raw concrete. The modern construction market in our time is so large that everyone can choose the finishing materials that make it possible to give the walls the texture that is needed. The combination of gray stone with white finish can bring sophistication and beauty to your interior. Well, if you could not make a choice from the proposed materials, then you can resort to painting the walls, which we will discuss below.

Focus on the wall

As promised, we continue to talk about wall decor in a white interior. There are two options: wallpaper (about them below) or paint, which we will talk about now. Firstly, paint is always available. Secondly, colors can be chosen such that even the most ardent dreamers will be surprised. And then it’s small: choose the wall on which you want to focus, and paint it. By the way, it can be one wall, part of a wall, two or three walls. In general, how much inspiration is enough.

Photo wallpaper

Wall mural is another option for decorating walls in a white interior. Today you can find dozens and hundreds of different ready-made image options, as well as order your own. Photowall-paper allows not only to select a wall in your white interior but also to give it originality, good mood, and chic.

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